About Neomal

Neomal is an expert in Vedic Meditation (VM).

He is also a telecommunications consultant who has worked throughout Europe and Australia.

Neomal learned meditation more than 26 years ago – in January 1994 – from Thom Knoles. He has practiced it twice a day ever since.

He credits it with academic achievements (UCL, Oxford, UNSW, published papers) and with keeping him stress-free through a fast- paced career in the mobile telecommunications industry.

Neomal is pleased to be able to teach people Vedic Meditation in Australia (Sydney & Melbourne) and Western Europe (mainly, London & Paris). Fully bilingual, he can teach in both English and French. He continues to run his telecommunications consultancy, alongside his teaching.

After 26+ years, he knows the meditation technique inside out, and deftly shows people how to use Vedic Meditation to – just as he has done – get deep rest, so as to then engage more fully in work, study, life.