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Meditation that works. Knowledge that transforms.

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Get more from your most valuable asset: your mind

Imagine what you would achieve if your mind was free from the worries that weigh you down.

You would spontaneously cognise solutions to many of life’s challenges, both personal and professional.

That would bring joy to you. It would bring value to many. It would fill you with purpose and drive.

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We teach Vedic Meditation - a powerful 20-min tool that slots into your daily routine.

Advanced Programs that help you live in a state of 24/7 flow so that life is enjoyed at its fullest.
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Keynote Talks

Cutting-edge talks for your company or conference.

Topics include: productivity, procrastination, stress, burnout.
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Meditation programs for work teams.
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Learn Vedic Meditation - Book Wellness Talks - Explore Corporate Programs.
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Our Students

This is what some of our most recent graduates have said about the program
I’ve been sleeping better, making connections quicker, and solving problems more easily.
Hasib Howlader
I am far more calm and less stressed. It’s an awesome transformation!
Tim Gaspar
I now have a lot more clarity – my decisions come from a calm considered place.
Emily Cubbins
Business Consultant

Meditation that works.

Knowledge That Transforms.

We teach techniques that bring deep rest to your mind, lower your stress cortisol levels, turbo charge your productivity, and most importantly, help you to make the most of your life... that you savour little moments with the family, you delight in friendly banter with the barista, and you enjoy the company of your colleagues and the contributions you all make to the team’s efforts.

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Meditation That Works. Knowledge That Transforms.
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