What is Vedic Meditation?

Vedic Meditation is a powerful, easy-to-learn meditation technique that spontaneously moves your mind beyond the worries and angsts that are holding you back.

With Vedic Meditation:

  • you think more clearly
  • you sleep better
  • you frictionalessly adapt to change
  • your health improves
  • you savour the little moments with family, friends, and colleagues.

Can I drop into a Vedic Meditation session?

No. Vedic Meditation is not like a spa treatment. Nor is it a guided meditation.

Vedic Meditation is a tool. You learn how to use that tool in 4 short sessions... so that, afterwards, you are self-sufficient, and you can then meditate on your own anywhere and at any time...

Here's what's different:

* You cannot use your guided meditation app, when your phone's out of charge.

* You wouldn't be able to access a spa treatment, if the city's locked down.

* But you will always, once you've learned Vedic Meditation in 4 short sessions, have the ability - no matter where you are, or what you're doing - to close your eyes and access deep, resplendent rest... every day, for the rest of your life.

What do you 'do' when you meditate?

You are given a mantra (which is a specially-chosen word that has a calming effect on your particular physiology).

You sit in a chair.
You think the mantra in a particular way.
You get up from the chair afterwards... rested, energised, and ready to cut through any challenges.

What does meditation actually 'feel' like?

We all know that sensation, don't we? We are drifting off to sleep. A brilliant idea pops into our head. We jump up and want to write it down.

Why did that happen?
With sleep onset, your brain produces (calmer) alpha waves. It sees patterns. It draws connections. It has Eureka moments.

A practice like Vedic Meditation likewise produces (calmer) alpha waves... systematically... for twenty minutes twice a day... every single day.

It feels great.
It brings rest.
It sharpens your mind.
You enjoy life more.

But won't it chill me out and mellow me too much? Won't I lose my edge?

A practice like Vedic Meditation increases alpha brain wave activity. This produces a state that science calls 'restful alertness'.

You are more creative. Your thinking is lucid. You cognise innovative solutions.

Far from mellowing you, Vedic Meditation actually makes you sharper and more alert!

Do I have to chant or sit across-legged?

No chanting. You sit comfortably in a chair with your eyes closed.

You can do it anywhere: on a sofa, at your desk, on a park bench, on a bus, train, or plane.

What's different about our approach at Neomal Silvas Meditation?

Of course, Vedic Meditation will help you sleep better, feel less overwhelmed, and be more patient with others. Yet - even though we deliver all of those benefits - our focus is on human potential itself.

* Meditation, when done right, synchronises the hemispheres of the brain so that you think sharply and creatively, and you make better decisions in business and in your life.

* It cultivates an underlying level of rest and resilience that allows you to remain calm under pressure.

* It re-enlivens joy in the present moment so that your life bristles with vistas of potential.

* It allows you to experience the entire strata of human consciousness so that life is lived fully and human potential is fully realised.

Neomal Silvas Meditation recognises the potential in a person... and we teach Vedic Meditation to fulfill that potential.

How does Vedic Meditation differ from Mindfulness?

Mindfulness takes effort. You are asked when performing some activity - walking the dog, eating an apple, etc. - to train your attention on the here and now, and push all other thoughts to one side. Yet it's not easy to ignore or suppress your thoughts.

Vedic Meditation takes no effort. You are given a mantra (a sound), and instructed how to use it properly. That sound has a calming effect on the physiology, bringing deep rest to mind and body. The process goes almost by itself. It is simple, natural... and effortless!

What's the relationship between Vedic Meditation and Transcendental Meditation (TM)?

Neomal Silva teaches Vedic Meditation and was trained to teach this form of meditation by Thom Knoles.

Thom was trained as a teacher of Transcendental Meditation ("TM") by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ("Maharishi"), and taught it for over 25 years with organisations affiliated with Maharishi.

Since 1997, Thom has continued to teach this mediation as he learned it from Maharishi, and has done so independently and separately from the TM organisations, using the terms "Vedic Meditation".

Thom Knoles trained Neomal to teach meditation as Thom was trained to teach meditation by Maharishi.

Neomal teaches Vedic Meditation independently and separately from TM organizations, and is not affiliated with those organizations.


Will Vedic Meditation work for anyone?

Vedic Meditation works for everyone.

Everyone can think. Therefore everyone can meditate.

We pick a mantra (a sound) that helps quieten your particular physiology.
Then we instruct you in correct usage.

Everyone finds this meditation simple, natural, effortless. It works for everyone.

But I'm someone who can't stop thinking. Will this work for me?

I think a lot too. I studied philosophy (and engineering and neuroimaging) at university, after all.

Yet a correctly-chosen mantra (a sound) allows the mind to move spontaneously beyond thought, and to bathe in and experience deep rest.

This works... even for people (like me) who normally have lots of thoughts.

Won't it take years to master?

No. You will master it in four days when taught by a qualified teacher.

I have practiced this technique every day since January 1994. I know it inside out.
I understand the challenges. I will have you self-sufficient in just four days.

Is there any scientific research that shows that this meditation works?

The form of meditation that Thom Knoles taught for over 25 years with the TM organisations as "Transcendental Meditation" has been the subject of hundreds of scientific studies showing a wide range of benefits from regular practice.
These studies, which refer to this form of meditation using the name "Transcendental Meditation" or "TM", support the benefits obtainable from regular practice of Vedic Meditation.

More than 380 peer-reviewed research studies on the TM technique have been published in over 160 scientific journals. These studies were conducted at several universities and research centres, including Harvard Medical School, Stanford Medical School, Yale Medical School, and UCLA Medical School.

These benefits include:
- Reduced Stress and Anxiety
- Decreased Depression
- Reduced Insomnia
- Lower Blood Pressure
- Decreased Cholesterol
- Reduced Atherosclerosis/Stroke
- Decreased Free Radicals
- Reduced Metabolic Syndrome/Pre-Diabetes
- Reduced Cardiovascular Risk Factors
- Reduction in Pain
- Decreased Health Care Costs and Utilisation
- Higher Levels of Brain Functioning
- Improved Intelligence, Creativity and Learning Ability
- Improved Academics
- Improved School Behaviour
- Benefits for Special and Remedial Education
- Improved Integration of Personality
- Increased Longevity
- Reduced Substance Abuse

When will I start to feel the benefits?

Straight away. After the very first meditation.
You feel rested. You feel calm. Resilience strengthens. Thinking sharpens.


How do I go about learning Vedic Meditation?

First, book a Private Consultation (Intro Talk) or a Group Intro Talk. Then, sign up for a 4 day course. It is taught over 4 consecutive days. One hour on the first day. Ninety minutes on the three following days.

What is the format of the course?

Day 1
This is a private 1-on-1 session.

You receive your personalised mantra.
You receive instructions in how to use it properly.
I carefully guide you through the first session.

Days 2, 3, and 4
These are group sessions (unless you opt for the private course).
You learn the nuts and bolts of how to meditate.
You learn how to fit in into your busy daily routine.
We iron out any difficulties you encounter.
We explain the mechanics of stress/anxiety elimination.
We reveal the secret to enjoying 24/7 flow.

You master the technique after these 4 days.

Do you offer any 'follow up' after the 4 day course?

We provide extensive follow up... so you stay on track.
Included FREE with your course!

  1. A weekly newsletter, including the Tip/Insight of the Week.
  2. Access to instructor-led Group Meditations every week.
  3. Ongoing email support.

Do you offer private courses?

Yes, we do.
You choose the time.
You choose the place.
You get one-on-one tailored instruction.

Can my child learn too? Is this technique suitable for kids?

Yes, your child can learn… as long as at least one parent has learned Vedic Meditation.

If you don't already practice it, we can teach you and your child at the same time.

Older kids get the full technique. Little kids get a bite-sized version.

Kids are very stressed these days... and this technique's great for them!
It brings calm. It re-enlivens joy. It motivates them to learn. It sharpens their thinking. I know this first hand (It took me all the way to Oxford University).

Can you teach my company or team?

Yes, we can teach your team onsite.

Find out more here.

Do you offer any advanced courses?

Yes, we do.

We run Thom Knoles' two ground-breaking courses:

  1. Exploring the Veda
  2. Mastering the Siddhis

We carefully unpack the many ideas offered in these two courses.
You will understand how to apply them in everyday life.

I understand Vedic knowledge, having studied with Thom Knoles for more than 2 decades.
I explain ideas in an easy-to-understand way, having honed that skill whilst teaching and presenting ideas at Oxford University.


Is there a course fee?

Yes, there is.
When you are ready to learn, we talk through the various investment options we offer, including payment plans.

Can't I learn the same thing from a book?

Vedic Meditation - much like riding a bike - is a skill that you need to learn first hand, face-to-face, through direct experience.

You need to feel it, hear it, see it, and have your practice of it fine tuned and corrected.

And, just as you can't learn to ride a bike by reading a book about it, you likewise can't master the skill of Vedic Meditation by reading a book.

What's included?

* The 4 day course. Four sessions (spread over 4 days) of expert instruction from Neomal, who has practiced the technique daily since January 1994.

* Unlimited follow up via email. Got a query? Ask it anytime.

* Weekly Group Meditations. Available in person or online.

* The weekly newsletter. It includes a 'tip of the week' to help you refine, and get the most from, your meditation practice.

* You can resit the course any time for FREE (i.e. you can attend any one of our scheduled, forthcoming Vedic Meditation 4-day courses) if you learned with NSM (and attended all 4 sessions when you learned with us).

Shouldn't a "spiritual practice" be free?

Vedic Meditation is not a spiritual practice. It's a meditation technique.

But it can't be free. We don't value things that are free. 

Hence, we don't get the most out of them, since we tend not to maintain a practice that's 'free', instead thinking 'easy come, easy go'.

Payment for something indicates that you are committed to learning that thing properly, maintaining your regular practice of it afterwards, and reaping its many benefits as a consequence.

The fee also allows us to teach it to you expertly, so that you master it in 4 sessions, in a small group setting, through tailored, personalised instruction.

By teaching it that way, our clients have reaped massive benefits: better sleep, more fulfilling relationships, increased productivity...

And our clients consistently report that it's worth the time, and the money, to learn it properly, expertly, and in a manner that's highly personalised... so that you benefit long term.

I want to learn. Are there payment plans?

Yes, this may be an option. Get in touch to see what we can do for you.


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