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The Problem

Employees are struggling right now!
Are your employees under pressure, tethered to the laptop, feeling disconnected from the team, and "languishing", even?

A Deloitte survey of employees [1] found that:
77% of employees suffer burnout
91% say stress cripples the quality of their work
70% say their employer doesn’t do enough to address burnout
An employee who is sleeping poorly can cost you $74,000.
[1] Deloitte: “Workplace Burnout Survey: Burnout without Borders”

Did You Know?

According to a 2019 OECD report [2]:
Adaptability is the most crucial employee trait, if they’re to navigate 21st century work challenges.
Research shows that meditation increases resilience & adaptability.
A Fortune 100 company’s employees reaped the following benefits, just 3 months after learning transcendental meditation [3] [4]:

The Solution

Neomal Silvas Meditation provides tailored solutions for your company that are geared towards helping your employees in effective, & practical ways.

Mental Wellbeing Talks

A series of science-informed talks, provided online or in-person, and tailored to your employees’ needs.
How to avoid burnout
How to never let a lockdown stress you out again
3 ways to get more done and never procrastinate again

Vedic Meditation

A 20-minute technique, taught in-person in 4 short sessions, that integrates into an employee’s daily routine. It gives:
3 times more rest than sleep
Lower stress cortisol levels
Turbo-charged productivity

Who We Work With

Large Corporations
Small to Medium Enterprises
Sales Teams

Why Work With Us

You want to support your employees in difficult times
You want your employees to love their workplace
You want to retain staff
You want your teams to be less stressed
You want to safeguard productivity



Discovery Session

  • Set up a meeting. Zoom or in-person.
  • Discuss staff needs
  • Choose talk topics
  • Select talk dates

Wellbeing Talks

  • Staff hear talk(s) on pre-chosen topic(s).
  • Staff receive wellness tips and strategies to use straight away.
  • Staff hear what Vedic Meditation is and how to learn it.

Vedic Meditation Courses

  • Talk attendees can opt to follow Vedic Meditation course.
  • The course is taught in 4 short sessions.
  • The course can be on company premises or at the Neomal Silvas Meditation Centre.
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What topics are covered in the Wellbeing Talks?

Several topics are available. These include productivity, procrastination, wellbeing, and how to maintain healthy headspace during lockdowns. We tailor topics based on your employees’ needs. Reach out to schedule a Discovery Session to learn more:

Can we just opt for the Wellbeing Talks?

Yes. Your employees will benefit from science-backed knowledge, tips, and insights that they receive during the talks. There is no obligation for any employee to opt into a Vedic Meditation Course. They can opt in if they wish (and if we feel they will benefit from learning the powerful Vedic Meditation technique).

Can we just opt for the Vedic Meditation Course?

Vedic Meditation is unlike almost all other forms of meditation. It is important that course participants understand that before attending a Vedic Meditation Course. We require therefore that they attend a Talk before signing up.

Can you run the Wellbeing Talks and Vedic Meditation Course online?

The Talks can be online or in-person: on Zoom, or on your premises or at our premises.

The Vedic Meditation Course is taught in-person, since that is the only way to master the technique properly.

Where do you teach the Vedic Meditation Course?

We can teach it on your premises if a number of your employees wish to learn. Otherwise, an employee is welcome to join a Vedic Meditation Course at our premises.

What’s best: one talk or a series of talks?

You can have one talk or a series of talks. We discuss your needs in the Discovery Session. We find that employees benefit most from a series of three talks or more, spread out over several weeks, which equips them with tips and tools that they can use between the sessions.

Are there follow up sessions for those who learn Vedic Meditation?

Yes. Optional monthly follow up sessions can be run on your premises or online. They help your team members maintain their Vedic Meditation practice and benefit long term. It’s an ideal way to build team morale & wellbeing in challenging times.

Our Students

This is what some of our most recent graduates have said about the program
My energy levels returned really quickly, I have much more clarity, and I am much more effective at work. The speed of the transformation was stunning.
Brian Hanna
Thank you for this life-long skill! Your teaching made me a better partner, daughter, sister, friend and a professional!
LJ Shannan
I can’t believe the difference. I’m sleeping better, my focus is better, and I just feel calmer. The course really helps with work/life balance and with getting the most out of your day.
Charmaine White

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