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I learned Vedic Meditation in January 1994, practiced it every day ever since, and - thanks to the rest and mental resilience it provided me - my daily meditation practice supported me in my studies (UNSW, University of London, Oxford University) and ended up forming the backbone of a 20+ year corporate career across 12 European countries and in Australia.

Why did I decide to teach Vedic Meditation?

It was a cold, wet Monday evening in central London, mid-November 2016. I was in a warmly lit room that was filled with 50 stressed out corporates and I was answering questions about Vedic Meditation. I didn’t teach Vedic Meditation back then but I was asked to run the session because of my extensive experience of the technique.

I looked out across the room. I saw a couple of hands timidly raised: a woman in her 30s; a man is his 40s. I listened to their carefully worded questions. And I could really feel the worry, the uncertainty, the vulnerability in their voices. Brexit had just happened.

They were worried, overwhelmed. How could they rally and thrive in uncertain market conditions? Would they still have a job? How could they keep the mind clear, pick themselves up, and cut through?

As I answered their questions, I saw this look of relief and gratitude wash over their faces. I thought “wow”. I loved the feeling of helping them. So I decided – right then and there – to train to teach Vedic Meditation…

Our Students

This is what some of our most recent graduates have said about the program
I’m so glad I chose Neomal to lead me through it. He’s been practicing Vedic Meditation for 25 years and it really shows…
Liam Cranley
NGO Consultant
Your teaching made me a better partner, daughter, sister, friend and a better professional!
LJ Shannan
Neomal came into our lives and changed them! Energy levels soared and our relationship benefited from our calmer dispositions.
Shaun & Eleanor Dixon
Chairman & Writer

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